The Most Important Primary Race In SC

The upcoming Republican primary election may determine whether or not any genuine pro gun representative in the SC House  can survive.  Will the floods of Bloomberg/Soros type election cash help disarm millions of complacent gunowners?  This Republican primary race may ultimately determine whether we keep or lose our gun rights in SC. 

For this primary, SC Republican House members have turned on a fellow Republican for actually voting for the same gun rights and freedom issues that they, themselves, were claiming to support but actually were not. 

The problem is that these Republican phonies had been telling their constituents that they were supporting 2nd Amendment issues, but were actually voting the opposite way. That works just fine until some principled Representative, like Jonathon Hill, calls for a recorded vote which passes and the constituents of the phonies find out that their Rep. has been fooling them. 

The phonies don’t like being exposed so they got together and banned Jonathon from the Republican Caucus. Then they found a candidate to oppose Jonathon Hill.  Their “bought and paid for” type candidate has likely qualified for tons of the available cash from the rich anti gun communists. A real patriot would not even have considered running against such an outstanding leader as Jonathon Hill. 

We cannot afford to lose any more men of integrity. By failing to donate and work hard enough for Senator Lee Bright and Lt. Governor Kevin Bryant, we lost two great leaders.  Don’t let the phonies unseat Jonathon with another bought and paid for candidate who will vote with the phonies. 

Please consider sending Jonathon the best donation you can afford, and if you live in his Anderson County District, (SC District 8) get 20 friends to vote for him and put up yard signs. Send donations to Hill for SC House, to 1031 Double Springs Rd. Townville, SC 29689. Time is short, do it now! THANK YOU! 

Ted Adams, 6 Old Hotel Ct.,Taylors, SC 29687 864-292-5001

SC Constitution Party Chairman