SCCP Candidate criteria

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Criteria for candidates

Our Party enjoys a reputation for being one of high standards. It’s easier and less expensive to get on our ballot than on the R’s or D’s ballots, so we do require our candidates to agree to and meet the following policies and criteria:

1. Have basic political knowledge and understanding, people relations skills, awareness of appearance, (appropriate dress and decorum) and be willing to comply with party standards.

2. For the most part, be in agreement with our party platform. Some issues like, but not limited to, gun rights, sanctity of life, secure borders, marriage between a man and a woman, are not negotiable.

3. Know and be able to reasonably articulate the campaign issues.

4. Have a reasonable degree of political discernment, avoiding inflammatory, baseless, vulgar or irrational statements that reflect negatively on the party.

5. Be willing to accept reasonable party recommendations regarding content, legality and appearance of campaign signs and literature.

6. Candidates must be a paid up (dues $25) member of the party, must meet with party officers for an interview, pay the filing fee, and those previously unknown to the party must pay a refundable deposit of $100 to help encourage cooperation with party standards and requests. Most candidates are refunded their deposits.

7. Election laws are complex and penalties for non compliance are Draconian. The party insists that candidates read and understand all applicable directives, party rules and SC law, and to fully and timely cooperate with party requests.

I have read and understand the above standards, rules, policies and provisions and agree to comply with them to the best of my ability.

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