Returning America to Her Greatness

First, we have to understand that the purpose of government is to protect our God given right to life, liberty and property….not to provide goods and services because government has never produced one gallon of gasoline or a bushel of wheat. The only way government can give anything to anyone is by first taking it away from another.

Today’s struggle is between those who believe that God is the true source of law and authority versus those who believe that civil government can ignore God’s laws without consequences.

We believe that our Constitution is the embodiment of the principles of the Ten Commandments and the Magna Carta.

Constitutional government forbids any group (special interest or otherwise) from using the power of government to obtain a benefit derived at the expense of the people. This would virtually eliminate corruption, which is involved in most of the legislation that Congress passes.

We believe in and work for:

The termination of US participation in trade agreements such as

NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO, GATT and TPTPA which causes the

loss of both jobs and national sovereignty

Stop all government subsidies to illegal aliens

Repeal the Federal Income tax and restore it with a tariff based

revenue system which funded the federal govt. until 1913.

Prohibit undeclared wars

Abolish the Fed and restore a debt free. honest money system

Limit domestic spending severely and foreign aid completely.

Take care of our constitutional domestic needs

Defend our right to have and to express our religious views

Defend our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms

Protect the right to life of the unborn

The more government controls our lives, the more opportunities there are for corruption. That’s one reason why we need less government. Most folks have figured it out that being in politics offers great opportunities for getting wealthy.