Candidates Nominated!

CP State Convention
L-R: Freddie McEachern, Michael Chandler, Diane Simmons (Phelps), Bill Bledsoe, Frank Barron, Robert Lampley

The South Carolina Constitution Party nominated the following candidates during the state nominating convention conducted on May 14:

U.S. Senate: Bill Bledsoe
U.S. House of Representatives, District 4: Michael Chandler
State House of Representatives, District 47: Diane Phelps Simmons
State House of Representatives, District 89: Robert Lampley
Sheriff, Marion County: Freddie McEachern Jr
Coroner, Lexington County: Frank E Barron III
County Council, District 24: John Langville

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The elected 2016-2018 state party officers are:

Chairman: Ted Adams
Vice Chairman: Michael Reed
Secretary: Bonnie Adams, Darrell Wallace
Treasurer: Dale Clinbeard

SC Senator Tom Corbin accepts three campaign donations checks from a rival political party.
The SC Constitution Party members made donations to Republican Senators Tom Corbin, Kevin Bryant and Lee Bright whom they say are the three best Senators in SC.

Ted Adams, State Chairman of the Constitution Party, said the three were honored because they all kept their election promises, and have fought hard for the best interests of all South Carolinians. We appreciate their outstanding courage and work for the people, and not for the special interests who are supplying loads of cash to their opponents in the upcoming June 14th. Republican Primary.
Reelecting these three men is crucial because they have been the leaders in defeating legislation such as the outrageous GAS tax bill, and introducing the Bathroom Bill which would preserve safety and sanity in our public bath rooms. They refused to vote to fund Planned Parenthood, the organization that has sold human baby parts.

Photo: from left to right: Darrell Wallace, Bonnie Adams, Party Secretaries, Senator Tom Corbin, Dale Clinbeard, Treasurer, and Ted Adams, Chairman.